Amanda Melendez-Snyder — Digital Artist based in Sacramento, CA


Animation, After Effects, Video

Work done with After Effects.

Animated scene for portfolio use only. Killer Bees Wrestling characters- no audio. Animation, Graphics and Typography. Characters owned by WWF

Promotional title used for online Marketing Purposes.

Children’s DVD menu – no audio, Responsible for adding crab character into scene with new graphic elements. Animated in After Effects.

Animated title for portfolio use only. Added moving background and lightning in After Effects. Logo owned and created by Jakks Pacific.

Promotional video used in ComicCon for “Lily’s Revenge” brand. Filter overlay in After Effects, on top of existing animation done by “Animate for the Cel of It”.

TinkerToons is a series of educational videos covering the 'Rules of the Road' for the invention business model. Targeted for new inventors in the toy and game business.

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